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The Story of "A Mews Hostel"

Hotels are always looking for the “perfect tool” to upsell and this is particularly true for Jorplace Beach Hostel in the Netherlands, a Mews PMS hostel. For a hostel offering a low room rate, upselling is the most important way to increase revenue.

With the success case of Jorplace, Bookboost has proved to successfully increase extra revenue by 87.5% for hotels through the seamless integration with Mews PMS, even for low-margin hostels.

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Precise Targeting

1. Message the Right Guests at the Right Time

Maika, the Operations Manager of Jorplace Beach Hostel was struggling to increase ancillary revenues. Guests are very budget-conscious, seeming unwilling to spend on extra services, not even when they needed it. Even after a wild party night, they’d rather set the alarm clock to check out on time, instead of upgrading to a late check-out.

To tackle this problem, Bookboost launched a campaign together with Maika to target these “party animals”.Jorplace uses Mews PMS, where Bookboost seamlessly integrates as a Mews’ premium partner. Using BookBoost, Maika can precisely target specific guests to send messages with the most relevant information; for example, segmenting guests most likely to enjoy a late night, according to age and other data collected. Then, by scheduling an invitation for a ‘late check-out’ at exactly the moment these guests are having such a good time in order to inspire them to act on this offer.  

And the result? Well, Maika’s worries have been eased. The campaign worked amazingly. 

With a conversion rate of 10%, guests purchased the late check-out. Moreover, 87.5% of all late check-out sales resulted from using Bookboost’s messaging services.

It turns out that guests are more than willing to pay for more, you just need to pick the right audience and communicate the right message to them that exactly meets their needs at that precise moment.

Easy Upselling

2. Extra Revenue with Just A Click

Another influencer of upselling is insufficient communication. For example, many guests did not know that the hostel could provide parking spaces before they arrived. They just found other parking places nearby because they either assumed parking in the hostel would be more expensive, or it would be full. 

Maika can now “effortlessly” upsell parking by precisely segmenting the car drivers and foreseeing their parking needs. With the perfect integration with Mews PMS, Bookboost can select those are most likely to drive and SMS them with parking information, attaching a purchase link. All Maika needs to do is switch on the button and Bookboost automatically sends messages to the selected recipients. 

Guess what? The parking upsell is highly successful. 33% of potential guests click the link to purchase.Parking sales increased by 87.5% in just 3 weeks, and ALL of the bookings came from Bookboost! 

Who says it’s difficult for hostels to upsell? At least now Maika’s headache has gone. 

Are you having challenges creating ancillary revenues? Is it proving a “ headache”? Well, Bookboost has the cure. 

Book a call and let us boost your hotel revenue.

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