If your hotel’s PMS has been integrated with the Bookboost platform, you can make use of the guest data and segment your Audiences (currently segments).

This allows you to target specific segments of your guests, making it easier for you to provide guests with the information they need and want.

We have made some common audience groups for you.

When creating a segmentation, you can apply different filters to categorize guests ex. number of guests, length of stay, language, etc. Note that the usability of the filters depends on the data collected from your PMS.

You will see a preview of the guests matching the filter in the right part of the screen.

You can apply one or more filters as you like.

Creating guest segments can be very useful to fully use the Bookboost Guest Messaging platform. For example, you can send a specific SMS to a targeted guest segment to cross-sell or provide related services.


Guest Journey Messages