The content of a campaign can range from a simple welcoming message to a different message for each channel and language, including a custom Email template.

Let’s go through it step by step.

To the left, in the navigation, you have the ability to determine which channels and languages you want specific content for.

The (Default) language is the one which will be used if your guest does not match any of the specified languages. This is determined by the International language in the general settings page.

With every message you can send a body of text and one image.

You can utilise Personalisation tokens to mention things which are specific the guest or reservation.

The text (including the brackets) will be replaced by the data fetched from your PMS.

To the right you can see a real-time preview of what the guest will receive, for each channel.

You might have a custom designed email which you would like to send to your guests.

You can do this by creating a template specific for E-mail and pressing the Use As HTML Template button.

Next you need only set the subject and paste the template in the Content field.