Web Messaging can automate replies to queries and provide information whenever needed by guests. Some of you are scared by the word “automate” because hospitality is all about service and human connection.

Don’t worry. Automation does not mean to automate everything. You can use automated replies to handle “chores” and free yourself! Think about how many times you and your staff have to answer similar questions on the phone again and again? What is the check-in time? Where is the restaurant?… You can set up keyword replies according to your own reality. For example, when the guest asks a question containing the keyword “restaurant”, detail information of the hotel restaurant will pop up. With the help of chatbot, repetitive inquiries will be answered quickly and beautifully.

For Bookboost Guest Messaging, Web Messaging is even more powerful. It is a live chat platform integrating messages from different channels (e.g. SMS, Email, Messenger, WhatsApp) all-in-one place. It can be easily installed on your website so that you can receive and reply to all messages with just a click.

Bookboost’s Omnichannel Web Messaging has successfully helped Maika, Operations Manager of Jorplace Beach Hostel reduce around 60% calls! The hotel staff is happy to cut repetitive work, while Maika also feels relaxed because now her staff can focus on booking related queries to drive more direct bookings.

There is always some space for you to utilize creativity to personalize automation and keep the human touch. Instead of replying like a robot, you can set up automated replies in a more personalized tone. When chatting with a guest, his/her guest profile is also shown next to the conversation, so that your staff can generate more “human” conversations to tap into guest needs and increase guest satisfaction.