When creating filters for inboxes, you have the option to add a keyword filter. This is great if you want to capture messages about specific issues (for example, to create an inbox for all housekeeping issues using keywords like “linens”, “bedding”, “towels”) and so on, or to create a specific inbox to help detect unhappy guests (using keywords like “unhappy”, “frustrated”, “dirty”, and “broken”).

Once these filters are set up, Bookboost will search any incoming messages to see if they contain the keywords. If it matches any one of the keywords to one of the filters, Bookboost will filter it to the appropriate inbox, based on the rules you’ve set up.

It is important to note that Bookboost will only filter if it matches the keyword exactly as you’ve typed it in the filter, so it’s a good idea to add multiple variations and common misspellings to the filter as well.