An inbox is a way to filter and categorize your incoming guest inquiries.

Creating different inboxes helps you divide and delegate conversations among different Operators. It allows each operator to only focus on what is relevant to his/her job.

It also helps an operator know what to expect from a conversation before they even read the message.

To set up an inbox, go to Settings → Inboxes or go to this link directly:

Click Add New Inbox.

To create an inbox, you start by naming the inbox. In this example,  we use the name “In-stay”.

Next, select an icon. An icon helps you quickly recognize which inbox a conversation belongs to.

You can also have the Private settingoption – I’ll explain this setting later in the article.

You can select some filters to ensure conversations end up in the relevant inbox(es).

You have three options: Reservation stage, Language and Messaging Channel.

Lastly we need to assign operators, who are the staff responsible for the inbox and will see the incoming conversations in this inbox.

Select the operators and click Confirm.

Operators that are not assigned to an inbox will still be able to search for that inbox and find the related conversations. If you prefer for an inbox to not be searchable, you need to mark it as private.

Don’t forget to click save.