No, it’s the opposite of complicated. What if I tell you it only takes 1 minute to install on your website?

It’s true, for Bookboost, you only need to log in the platform and turn on a button, then the chatbot is ready to use. Why not start a free trial today!

But how about the time and energy invested in learning and training staff? Comparing with the cost spent on answering low-revenue-potential and repeated calls, this small investment made on Guest Messaging is highly worth it. 

In reality, Bookboost has been working for years to make the product easy to use. With the down-to-earth experiences focusing only on the hotel industry, Bookboost Web Messaging has been developed to be more and more mature. For Bookboost, training guidance, webinar, experienced technical support, and complete after-sales service is only a few of the many resources to help your staff adopt the tool faster and better.