Messaging is asynchronous conversations conducted on social channels, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and WeChat. Web Messaging is a widget on the website integrating conversations from various social channels. Hotel staff can monitor and reply to all channels on one single platform. Meanwhile, guests can choose their preferred social channels to continue the conversations with hotels, and they decide when it’s convenient for them to reply.

Website Chat refers mainly to live chat, which occurs on the website or in a company’s mobile app and usually it’s integrated with other social messaging channels. Website chat is session-based and is limited to real-time similar to the phone call. It requires most of your attention, and sessions have a defined beginning and end.

Nowadays, more and more customers prefer to use messaging than live chat because they are able to stop and start conversations when convenient. For messaging, conversations can occur in real-time if necessary, but if the user needs to can also concentrate on other things.