Unified Inbox

Manage your guest communication channels through a single inbox. Bookboost Unified Inbox integrates all messages from a variety of messaging apps.

Citybox, a state of the art Norwegian Hotel Group, and best in class provider
Previously, Citybox would have had to place one staff member at each hotel to manage inquiries. After using Bookboost, they only need one staff centrally to supervise all 4 properties, saving 3 human resources at an estimated total of €81,358 per year in labor cost.

Better guest experience

Manage and respond to all guest enquiries through one platform – accessed remotely Allow guests to choose their preferred messaging app Delegate questions to other departments or team members. ​​

Message automation

When the customer service team is unavailable,
let the chatbot take over
Automate repetitive guest inquiries using AI
technology, making FAQs easily accessible
Reduce the time your team spends on general

More direct bookings

80% of guests check hotel websites before booking on OTAs!
Web Messenger will engage your website visitors and drive direct bookings.
Make hotel and reservation information accessible for more informed bookings

All Channels

The Unified Inbox is compatible with most channels from which incoming enquiries may come. We’re constantly working on adding new relevant messaging channels, integrating it all into one single Inbox.

The only inbox you’ll need

Fits into your workflow

Bookboost integrates with a number of hotel systems, apps and other
platforms to ensure you can make the most of your marketing
and communication tools. With these connections you can
access the most relevant data to optimise your guest

Easy to implement

Connect Channels
Build Guest Journeys

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