Boost Operational Efficiency & Direct Bookings

Do you know? 80% of guests check your hotel website before booking on OTAs!

With the Omnichannel Web Messaging, you work more efficiently and “grasp” your website visitors to drive direct bookings.

Omnichannel Web Messaging

Boost Operational Efficiency

The best thing of Bookboost’s Web Messaging is, it integrates all messages from a variety of channels, including: website, Facebook Messenger, email, SMS, WhatsApp…

The Omnichannel Web Messaging offers a chatbot on your website and a back-stage platform integrating omnichannel messages.

You can easily receive and reply to all messages on one single platform, while guests choose to chat with you via the channels they like.

By automatically answering repetitive guest inquiries using AI technology, website visitors find needed information very quickly and your operational efficiency will be increased greatly!

Manage 90%+ Repetitive Inquiries

by automate the replies to frequently ask questions

Work More Efficiently & Intelligently

“Free” your staff from chores to focus on high-value conversations

More Direct Bookings

By engaging with your website visitors, you speed up the booking process to drive more direct bookings.

The “trick” is:

Potential guests don’t need to wait for an answer on the website. They can choose a preferred channel to keep the conversation whenever and wherever the hotel replies.

In this way, you keep connecting with them to close more bookings!

Keep the Human Connection

Don’t worry.

We don’t need to automate everything.

You can choose what automations to be trained so that you’d never lose the human touch with guests. But still, repetitive chats will be handled sufficiently.

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