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      We are the bridge between





         humans and technology!


















In today’s digitised and fast-paced society, expectations on travel have drastically changed. Hotels however, with often limited resources, are put in a difficult situation to match expectations of today’s guest.





Bookboost’s mission is to enable hotels to create business value by building and maintaining personalized relationship with their potential customers and guests. For that, Bookboost builds a bridge to connect the hotelier and its guests.












The Unified Guest Communication Platform, wich Bookboost developed specifically for the hospitality industry, drives quality engagement throughout each phase of the guest journey, boosting guest’s experiences. This has shown to positively impact main KPIs within hotels, hostels and serviced apartments. Proven by its success of truly connecting the hotelier and their guests, Bookboost, based in Malmö, Sweden, has been widely used by both independent properties as well as leading groups and chains.

OUR Values



Relationship Centrism

Result Orientation

OUR Story



Who is at the origin?


Bookboost was founded by two Dutch digital nomads, Daan & Willem. The more they travelled and the more places they stayed at the more anonymous they felt being treated like a random guest, like a number in a system and not at all a unique individual with certain needs and expectations. The idea was born to help hospitality providers really get to know their guests and create memorable experiences. That’s why they were working on an all-in-one platform that combines all the needs of hotels. That’s how Bookboost came to be!

OUR Team



                         Who is behind Bookboost?

Willem Rabsztyn
Co-Founder & CEO
Daan De Bruijn
Co-Founder & CCO
Anna Randow
Sales Manager
Egon Visintainer
Product Manager
Rasmus Harrysson
Front-End Lead
Marcus Rettig
Full-Stack Developer & Architect
Yuri Tsiomra
Full-Stack Developer
Hannes Leveque
Junior Full-Stack Developer
Serhii Tokmakov
Senior Backend Developer & Team Lead
Andrei Lisouski
Senior Backend Developer
Aleskey Shutiy
Senior Backend Developer
Vitaliy Shestozub
Backend Developer
Serhii Temchenko
Backend Developer
Vladyslav Shestozub
Test Automation
Beatriz Pereira
HR & Operations
Front-end Intern
Jennyfer Molina
Marketing Intern
Ray Manrique
User Research Intern
Lucia Alvarez Bordon
Service Design Intern
Erik Hagman
Data Engineering Intern
Iulia Moiceanu
UI/UX Design Intern