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How can new booking behaviours benefit or harm hotels?
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Get more Direct Bookings

With the right tools, you can recover your lost revenue and bring more direct bookings to your hotel

Increase direct bookings

Many accommodation businesses around the world struggle to increase direct reservations.

Since OTAs have increased their popularity tremendously and more travellers see them as their first option to make a booking, the question that remains is: how to increase direct bookings at your hotel?

You can use a combination of marketing, excellent user experience, quick response rate, and incentives to drive more direct bookings.

The goal is for the user to see the value in booking directly at your hotel instead of using an OTA.
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What results can you achieve?

More direct bookings
Higher guest satisfaction
Increased guest loyalty
Increased revenue
More upselling opportunities

How to use Bookboost’s solutions to recover your hotel’s direct bookings?

OTA Profiler & Multi-Channel CRM

With the OTA profiler, you can turn your OTA clients into direct bookings by gathering their data and creating specific campaigns for them. When you send the right message and offer the right incentive, they will see the value of direct bookings.
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Unified Inbox

The key is to engage your visitors while they are interested and convince them to book. How to do it? Providing the right answers at the right time. With the “Quick replies” from our Unified Inbox, your staff will have more time and your web visitors will receive instant answers to their questions.
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Web Messenger

Did you know that 80% of guests check hotel websites before booking on OTAs? Engage with them while they are navigating your website, allowing them to ask questions directly, instead of going to the OTAs.
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How are others doing it?

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