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  • Guest Feedback

Get feedback from your guests in the most effective way

Deeply understand your guests by obtaining feedback in an easy and effective way. Discover what they think about their stay and use it as fuel to improve your hotel’s offering and customer service.

What are the benefits of guest feedback?

Better guest experience
Direct access to your guests’ opinions
Making guest-centric decisions
Deliver better service
Increased guest satisfaction

Create a fully integrated and personalised guest experience

Discover what your guests think about your hotel in the most effective way

Check the additional benefits of using the Guest Feedback add-on for CRM.

Get all the information into their guest profiles

If you can’t store feedback in a safe place, it is not useful. With this add-on, once your guests have left their comments, they will be stored in their guest profile. When they come back to your hotel or stay on any of your other properties, you will see this information and be able to make their stay even better this second time.

What can you do with this add-on?

  • Use a web app
  • Personalise forms in the way you want it
  • Ranking from 1 to 5 stars
  • Text space for longer comments
  • Include images

Empower your offerings with first-hand insights

Internal feedback is key to improving your offering before it transforms into a bad review. By asking your guests to rank their stay and give you their honest thoughts about it, you can address their comments even before they leave your hotel. There is nothing more powerful than your guests’ opinions.

It was never so easy to provide feedback

To effectively receive feedback from guests, you need to make the process as easy as possible. Instead of sending one more email, get direct access to them using a web app. They will rank their stay and give you their opinion with minimum effort.

With this add-on to your CRM, you gain first-hand guest insights that will empower your operations and help you to make guest-centric decisions.

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