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Guest Loyalty: 5 ways to use it in 2024 to increase direct bookings

Unified Inbox

The only inbox you’ll ever need.

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Deliver outstanding guest service

Don’t miss a single message! Respond to their guests' inquiries faster and more efficiently than ever before, taking the guest experience from regular to exceptional with minimal effort.

Boost team efficiency & collaboration

It includes smart features to structure communication across departments to collaborate and keep track of notes and relevant information.

Be available 24/7 for your guests

Don’t make your guests wait. Even after office hours, the chatbot will take over and give accurate answers to each visitor, providing an excellent digital experience no matter the day or the hour.

Increase guest engagement & satisfaction

Fast and accurate answers lead to more engaged conversations and interactions, allowing you to connect with your guests and build relationships that will last.

"Bookboost has helped me a lot by handling repetitive inquiries. I can cut the time I spend answering repetitive questions and focus on responding more complicated issues or connecting with my guests."

Therese Siil

Booking Coordinator, Citybox

One platform to handle all incoming messages

Effortlessly handle all your messages! All your messaging channels will be gathered into one general and comprehensive overview. This allows you to have a holistic view of all incoming messages, including OTA channels. With more clarity and no switching between platforms, your team has more control than ever.

Smart features for higher efficiency

Forget about manually sorting and filtering, and typing the same answer for each guest. Unified Inbox allows you to use quick and automated replies, assign tasks to team members, take over conversations from a colleague, create tasks and reminders, filter inboxes based on tags, and more. With all these intelligent features at your fingertips, your team can handle incoming messages in a breeze.

Capture your website visitors at any time

Bookboost Unified Inbox includes a Web Messenger to turn your website visitors into bookings. Every time a visitor arrives on your website, you will give useful information right on time. You will even provide outstanding service after office hours with the chatbot, being available 24/7.

“Before there was a lot of wasted time and the team was frustrated because it meant long hours of work. But all this went away. Now it has become normal that things just work automatically. We get a lot of good comments about our communications and that has made a great impact. A lot of guests are surprised at how fast we respond to them. It makes us come across as more professional and to an international standard.”

Marcus Bauder

CEO of Hakuba Hotel Group

Designed specifically for hospitality

We understand that each department within your hospitality business plays a unique role in crafting a memorable guest experience. Bookboost’s Unified Inbox allows you to create different inboxes for different departments, ensuring that inquiries are directed to the right team member without any hassle.From reservations to concierge services, and everything in between, our Unified Inbox enables collaboration without confusion. Seamlessly share insights, track guest preferences, and keep everyone in the loop, all within a single, intuitive platform.

Benefits that speak for themselves

Explore the great advantages that Bookboost Unified Inbox brings to your hotel.

Reduced response time & higher guest engagement

Fast responses mean engaged guests. Your team will delight guests and foster meaningful interactions.

Comprehensive context

Every guest interaction is a story. Gain a holistic overview of guest interactions across channels, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Higher operational efficiency

Collaboration is the key to efficiency. With smart features facilitating team communication and note-sharing, tasks are streamlined, repetitive actions are minimized, and productivity soars.

Savings in time and money

Achieve more with less. Your team will accomplish more tasks in less time, ultimately translating to reduced operational costs.

Better guest service

The Unified Inbox enables a more satisfying digital experience, even outside normal office hours.

Customer Stories

How to streamline front-desk operations and elevate your guest experience

Gambino used Bookboost to streamline front-desk operations and personalise the guest experience, improving both employee and guest satisfaction.


Learn more about Bookboost Unified Inbox and its advantages.

What are the main features of the Unified Inbox?

∙Messaging platforms: Facebook Messenger, Google Business Messages, WhatsApp, SMS, Line, Viber, Telegram.
∙OTA messaging: and Expedia.
∙Quick replies
∙Web Messenger
∙Guest information
∙Message translation
∙Inbox routing and creation
∙Reservation information automated updates
∙Conversation actions (assign conversations to team members and take over from other members)
∙Internal notes
∙Send attachments & GIFs
∙Send forms
∙Message smart suggestions

Can the Unified Inbox help us reduce operational costs?

Yes, indeed. By streamlining processes, reducing repetitive tasks, and enabling better collaboration, the Unified Inbox enhances team efficiency and can help save up to 2 hours per day per employee. This results in accomplishing more tasks in less time, ultimately leading to reduced operational costs.

Does the Unified Inbox require a PMS integration?

Yes, our Unified Inbox is designed to integrate seamlessly with more than +80 PMS in the market. However, it can also work on a report-based function if your PMS can export reservation data.

Are the chatbot and web messenger included in the Unified Inbox?

Yes, the web messenger and the chatbot are part of the Unified Inbox, allowing you to use your website as another channel and be available for your guests at all times.

Will the Unified Inbox help me to increase direct bookings?

Around 80% of guests check hotel websites before booking on OTAs. If you engage with your guests at the right time and answer their questions while they are still engaged, you have a higher chance of turning visitors into direct bookings. The Unified Inbox helps you to do all this.

What channels can be included in the Unified Inbox?

Besides email, you can gather messages from channels such as Messenger and Google Business Messages; and messaging apps like WhatsApp, SMS, Line, Viber, Telegram. In addition, OTA channels such as, Expedia. And our team is constantly working on increasing the number of channels.

Can this solution handle multiple properties efficiently?

Yes, the Unified Inbox is especially useful for multi-property hotels. You can filter your inbox per property, so your team will only see the messages of the property they are handling.

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