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Getting to know the guests at your hotel
The expectations guests have for a hotel are constantly changing. It is not just about having a great service anymore. Now, the keywords are personalisation and technology.

Guests expect to be treated in a personal way. But personalisation goes beyond adding their name to an email. It has to do with knowing their profiles, communicating through their preferred channels and providing valuable recommendations.
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On the other hand, guests expect fast and technological service. This means no waiting times in the lobby before entering the room, no paperwork that needs to be filled out, online check-in available, and immediate responses every time they ask for information.

Your hotel must be more than a place to sleep. It must provide an outstanding and unforgettable experience while at the same time tackling all the previous points.

It might sound like a challenge, but we are here to help you achieve it.

Satisfy your guests’ needs with Bookboost

Bookboost is the Customer Experience Platform that helps hoteliers to get to know their guests and communicate with them in an easy and effective way.

All this while saving valuable hours of time and reducing repetitive work for the hotel staff. How can you do it?

Multi-Channel CRM

You can organise and structure the guest data to create different groups based on preferences, identify patterns and use your guest data like never before.
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Dashboard mockup

Guest Journey Scheduler

You can create and automate campaigns to deliver the right message to your guests in each stage of the guest journey. Without having to supervise every step, your team will save time while increasing guest satisfaction.
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Unified Inbox

Organise and get a general overview of all your conversations. Save hours of time, reduce your response rates and make sure all your visitors are always talking to the right person and receiving an answer while they are still interested.
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Dashboard mockup

Guest Web App

Provide your guests with a personal and effortless experience by giving them all the necessary information in one site. Give them the power to access booking information, check-in online, local recommendations, and more.
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What results can you expect in your hotel?

Higher guest loyalty
Higher guest satisfaction
Increased guest engagement
A better guest experience
Hours of valuable time saved in low adding value tasks
More and better reviews
A highly motivated team free of repetitive work
Discover how other hotels are doing it

How Room Republic recovers up to 23% of guest details from OTAs and increases direct bookings

Room Republic partnered with Bookboost to digitalize operations, reduce OTA dependency, and improve guest communication. Discover how they did it!

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