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Guest Loyalty: 5 ways to use it in 2024 to increase direct bookings

Use your guest data to deliver amazing experiences

Bookboost is all your team needs to easily communicate with
guests and build efficient operations.

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Hospitality Engagement Platform

A smart platform created for modern hospitality

Forget about tools that are difficult to use. Bookboost collects, structures and enriches your guest data, enabling you to create guest journeys and send the right message at the right time.

Get one source of truth for your guest data

And make decisions based on real insights.

Create marketing & sales efficiency

And get better results with less manual work.

Drive direct revenue

And build meaningful guest relationships.

Increase customer retention (guest loyalty)

And build powerful word of mouth.

Personalised communication across the entire guest journey

And increase guest satisfaction.

Save time and effort for your team

And give them more time to focus on valuable projects.

Hospitality Engagement Platform

Discover our products

Bookboost is a platform built for hospitality that consolidates and optimises guest data from all sources. We empower teams to effortlessly communicate with customers throughout the guest journey, using a modern CRM and a best-in-class Unified Inbox.

Multi-Channel CRM

Get a deep understanding of your customers and deliver personalised campaigns across the entire guest journey.

Easily design guest journeys in the way you want it
Create audiences and send different messages to each guest
Schedule and automate one-time campaigns or entire guest journeys and    save time
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Unified Inbox

Bundle all your communications and effectively engage with guests while saving time and effort.

Give every message a quick and accurate response
Forget about switching between messaging platforms
Make sure every guest talks to the right person
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The strengths of the CRM combined with the Unified Inbox allow hotels to completely take care of both outbound and inbound communications.
Hospitality Engagement Platform

Add-on: Guest App

Take the guest experience even further using our guest web app. Discover our use cases here.

Guest app & online check-in

Use our guest app for online check-in and say goodbye to queues and waiting time in reception.

Guest app as a digital guide

Use our guest app as a digital guide and give your guests all the information they need for their stay.

Guest app for guest feedback

Use our guest app to gather guest feedback and get insights to empower your offering.

These are the results Bookboost can generate

Our customers are benefiting from a large variety or results.

“For us, an automated guest journey is a crucial point because we don't have a reception at our Hotel in Lucerne. This basically means that the customer journey has to be perfect in order to automate it. And that's what I see now with Bookboost.”

Hendrik Renken

Project and Account Manager, Capsule Hotel

“Before we couldn’t track which emails were sent out. This helps us to get a better picture of what was really sent, what is scheduled for certain guests, and more. Bookboost is ideal for anyone striving to exceed with guest communication and looking to enhance the customer journey.”

Laura Neuberger

Head of Marketing, STAYERY

“I love that with Bookboost, I can choose exactly my audience, which guests I would like to send this campaign to. So I can make a difference between the OTAs and the direct bookers or the guests that are coming back to us within the last six months or so.”

Jennifer Seeckt

Head of Sales & Guest Relations, Lindemann Hotels

Everything starts with data

Bookboost is a platform designed for modern hospitality that uses guest data as fuel to increase efficiency and revenue.

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