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Guest Loyalty: 5 ways to use it in 2024 to increase direct bookings

Get to know your hostel guests like never before!

A personalised guest experience is the new normal

The expectations guests have for a hostel are constantly changing. It is not just about having a great service anymore. Now, the keywords are personalisation and technology. Guests expect to be treated in a personal way. But personalisation goes beyond adding their name to an email. It has to do with knowing their profiles, communicating through their preferred channels and providing valuable recommendations.

Live up to the modern expectations

On the other hand, guests expect fast and technological service. This means no waiting times in the lobby before entering the room, no paperwork that needs to be filled out, online check-in available, and immediate responses every time they ask for information. Your hostel must be more than a place to sleep. It must provide an outstanding and unforgettable experience while at the same time tackling all the previous points. It might sound like a challenge, but we are here to help you achieve it.

What results can you expect in your hotel?

Hours of valuable time saved in low adding value tasks
Increased guest engagement
Higher guest loyalty
Higher guest satisfaction
A better guest experience
More and better reviews
A highly motivated team free of repetitive work

Satisfy your guests’ needs with Bookboost

Bookboost is the Hospitality Engagement Platform that helps hoteliers to get to know their guests and communicate with them in an easy and effective way.All this while saving valuable hours of time and reducing repetitive work for the hotel staff. How can you do it?

Unified Inbox

Get all your messages from different platforms into one general inbox! Save hours of time, reduce your response rates, assign conversations to team members, view the whole history of guests in one place and make sure every visitor always talks to the right person.

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Multi-Channel CRM

You can organise and structure the guest data to understand your guests. Create complete guest journeys, segment your guests to send personalised messages, send campaigns via SMS, WhatsApp or Email, collect data from OTAs, and schedule and automate communications to save time and effort.

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Online Check-in

Deliver a great experience even before the stay begins. Help your guests save time by checking in online and providing all relevant information beforehand.

Digital Interactive Guide

Give your guests all the information they need through a web app. Hotel services, local events, wifi passwords, restaurant menus, and more. Create an effortless and unique experience for them!

Guest Feedback

Collect your guests’ feedback using the right channel and at the right time to continue developing your offerings.

Customer Stories

Superbude Hotels Found a Unique Approach within Hospitality

We asked Jörn Hoppe how they make such a big impact on today’s traveller. Have a look at the video for his story!

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