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Guest Loyalty: 5 ways to use it in 2024 to increase direct bookings

Multi-Channel Hospitality CRM

Discover a modern CRM with 9x more conversion than traditional systems.

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Understand your guest data to increase revenue

Structure and understand your guest data and start reaching out to your guests using the right message, on the right channel and at the right time.

Save time in your marketing operations

Increase hotel marketing efficiency with automation! Create workflows, set triggers and schedule messages. Once set up, your communications will flow on its own, no matter the time or the day.

Turn OTA bookers into loyal customers

With Bookboost hospitality CRM, you can reach your OTA bookers and create a profile for each guest. With real data, you can generate loyalty and increase revenue.

Say goodbye to lower conversion campaigns

If you only use email marketing, your brand is losing opportunities to increase revenue. Instead, send hotel marketing campaigns via SMS, WhatsApp and email, increasing your conversion up to 8x more than with an email-only CRM.

“I love that with Bookboost, I can choose exactly my audience, which guests I would like to send this campaign to. So I can make a difference between the OTAs and the direct bookers or the guests that are coming back to us within the last six months or so.”

Jennifer Seeckt

Head of Sales & Guest Relations, Lindemann Hotels

Build clear & easy guest journeys

A hotel CRM should help you to create guest journeys in a quick and effective way. With Bookboost, you got this.

From pre-stay to post-stay, gain absolute control and clarity over all touchpoints. Get an overview of what is being sent through every channel -not just email-, and identify opportunities for higher revenue.

Build guest journeys for each of your properties and customise them in a way that works for your brand, with no limits. Use templates, drag and drop and automation across properties to save time for your team.

Personalise campaigns in the way you want it

Say goodbye to complicated and outdated tools. Bookboost’s modern and easy-to-use CRM allows you to use advanced targeting to segment your guests into hundreds of audiences (first-timers, returners, high-spenders, type of room, and more) and personalise your messages accordingly.

Personalisation has proved not only to increase guest engagement and conversion but also to enhance the guest experience.

Capture the right data and increase guest loyalty

Direct bookings in hotels are key to increasing revenue. Bookboost’s hospitality CRM will help you reach your OTA bookers, get their guest details and create personalised campaigns for them. By getting direct access to your guests, you will deliver value, increase loyalty and foster bookings in your owned channels.

“Before we couldn’t track which emails were sent out. This helps us to get a better picture of what was really sent, what is scheduled for certain guests, and more. Bookboost is ideal for anyone striving to exceed with guest communication and looking to enhance the customer journey.”

Laura Neuberger

Head of Marketing, STAYERY

Increase efficiency and drive more direct revenue

An easy-to-use system to boost your hotel operations.

A modern hospitality CRM that nurtures all your channels

All the information gathered and analysed in the Bookboost hospitality CRM will nurture your Unified Inbox so you have the best understanding of your guests when taking care of incoming messages.

This means either inbound or outbound communication, this winning formula allows you to have a comprehensive overview of your guests’ profiles available at all times.

A modern CRM vs. traditional ones

Say goodbye to confusing platforms & data

In a world where personalised experiences reign supreme, data is your greatest ally. Our CRM acts as a unique source of truth for your guest data and empowers you with the insights needed to make informed, data-driven decisions that amplify guest satisfaction.

Traditional CRMs are complicated and difficult to understand. With Bookboost, you easily use website data, financial data and behavioural data to know your guests better and leverage the right insights to fuel your projects.

Benefits that speak volumes

Discover a world of benefits that Bookboost Multi-Channel Hospitality CRM brings to your hotel.

Clearer guest journey

React promptly to requests and crises with a comprehensive overview.

Skyrocketing conversions

Bookboost CRM boosts conversions 8x times more than an email-only CRM.

Enhanced efficiency

Craft guest journeys effortlessly with drag-and-drop simplicity, especially valuable for multi-property hotels.

Time savings

Automate manual tasks, freeing up valuable time for your team.

Guest loyalty

Forge stronger relationships through personalisation, leading to higher return rates.

Effortless experience

Lead the guest journey, offering information before it's even asked for.

Ultimate satisfaction

Elevate the entire guest experience and increase guest satisfaction by up to 11%.

Customer Stories

Recover your guest details from OTAs and increase direct bookings

Room Republic partnered with Bookboost to digitalize operations, reduce OTA dependency, and improve guest communication. Discover how they did it!


Learn more about Bookboost CRM and its advantages.

What are the main features of Bookboost Multi-channel CRM?

∙Multi-Channel Communication: Reach guests where they are – across various channels.
∙Two-Way Communication: Foster meaningful interactions with seamless two-way engagement.
∙Personalisation Tokens: Craft messages that resonate on a personal level.
∙Audience Creation: Identify and segment your guests based on the criteria you need.
∙Visual Guest Journey: Map out the entire guest journey for a holistic perspective.
∙Effortless Messaging: Build messages with ease and save templates for consistency.
∙Automation Triggers: Save time and effort in your marketing operations.
∙Central Guest Profiles: Access comprehensive guest profiles for tailored interactions.
∙Insightful Database: Leverage valuable insights from your guest data.
∙Efficient Workflows: Manage properties effortlessly, even with limited time.

Does the Multi-Channel CRM require a PMS integration?

Yes, our Multi-Channel CRM is designed to integrate seamlessly with more than +80 PMS in the market. However, it can also work on a report-based function if your PMS can export reservation data.

How does a Multi-Channel CRM benefit my hotel?

Multi-Channel CRM enhances guest satisfaction through data-driven insights, personalized communication, and streamlined processes. It leads to higher conversions, increased efficiency, improved customer retention, and ultimately, elevated guest experiences.

Will this CRM help increase conversions and revenue?

Absolutely. The multi-channel approach has been shown to increase conversions by up to 8x, thanks to targeted communications, automation triggers, a deeper understanding of guest preferences and the use of Whatsapp, SMS and other channels.

How does the Multi-Channel CRM facilitate advanced targeting and segmentation?

The Multi-Channel CRM empowers you to tailor your communications with laser precision. You can segment your guest database based on various criteria such as booking history, preferences, demographics, and more. This enables you to create highly targeted campaigns that resonate deeply with each segment, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.

Can this solution handle multiple properties efficiently?

Yes, our system features effective workflows to manage multiple properties effortlessly and save time. You can customise the guest journeys for each property, duplicate templates and reuse campaigns across properties. This is particularly useful for large hotel chains or those managing several properties simultaneously.

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