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Guest Experience

Increase positive guest review ratings through a unique guest experience

Increase positive guest review ratings

All touchpoints in a guest's journey matter to provide a unique guest experience. Today’s guest expectations are highly focused on the experience they have when staying at an accommodation. And what do they do once they leave? They post a review.

4 out of 5 consumers claim to have changed their minds about purchasing when they saw negative reviews online. Thus, a review left by a guest is critical for success. To make sure they are happy, you need to make sure they have the best possible experience.

How? By knowing who your guests are and personalising their experience from the beginning of their journey, which starts before their stay and continues during and after the stay. By showing them they are on the top of your mind from the beginning, you increase guest satisfaction and review ratings.
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What results can you reach?

Increase in positive guest reviews (up to 11%)
Positive WOM (word of mouth)
Higher guest satisfaction
Higher guest loyalty (by lowering customer effort and increasing satisfaction)
More returning guests

How can you improve the guest experience with Bookboost’s solutions?

Web Messenger

The guest journey starts before they even made a booking. 80% of guests inspect a hotel’s website before booking through an OTA. Using Bookboost’s Web Messenger, you can engage with them while they are still interested. They can ask anything in the chatbot and get all the replies they need, creating a higher engagement and increasing the number of direct bookings.
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Unified Inbox

With the unified inbox, you are able to communicate with the guests in all the different channels (WhatsApp, e-mail, SMS, etc) from one single place, having an overview of all the communication with all guests. By reaching guests in their preferred channel, bundling all the communication and using automation to reply to FAQs, you are able to reply quickly to all guests and ensure they are never left waiting before hearing back from you.
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Guest Web App

Guests want to feel in control of their journey! With the Guest Web App, you can give them that. They can access to information about their bookings, events in the hotel, digital key, additional services, and more. The best part: all this content is personalised and relevant for them. This creates a smooth, easy and digital experience from anywhere, without the need to directly reach staff.
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