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How can new booking behaviours benefit or harm hotels?
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Hotel Marketing

Increase conversion rates with relevant content for each guest

Increase conversion rates

Nowadays, guests receive a lot of information from several brands and have their inboxes full of advertising that they will never open up.

This challenges marketers in the hospitality industry as many of their e-mails are left unread, and even when read, the content needs to be extra relevant for guests to pay attention.

The question is: how can you do that for every single guest in your system? If you have the right guest data and the right tools to take advantage of such information, you can personalise the communication with each guest and achieve better results.

Personalisation is key to being relevant in the eyes of your guests! Your team can get 8 times higher conversion rates when using guest data to reach the right guest in the right channel with the right information at the right time.
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What results can you reach?

Higher conversion rates: 8x higher than with regular top-notch e-mail marketing tools
Higher guest engagement
Higher guest loyalty
Higher brand awareness

How can you boost your hotel marketing with Bookboost’s solutions?

Multi-Channel CRM

Organise the guest data you collect from several sources to deliver personalised communications in the channels your guests prefer. Communicate through different channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, and Facebook Messenger, among others, instead of email only. Control all the communication in all the different channels from one single place.
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OTA Profiler

Collect the right data of guests booking via OTAs (which usually represent a majority). In this way, you have real data you can rely on to build a unique guest profile for each guest with relevant information to communicate with them.
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Guest Journey Scheduler

Build unique guest journeys for different guests based on specific triggers such as families with kids, couples, elderly, or anything you want. You can schedule all your communications when it makes sense and let the journey flow by itself. Targeted communications, with relevant offers, will increase your guest engagement and opening rate.
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How are others doing it?

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Ruby Hotels has improved conversion and reduced costs as a result of direct messaging engagement with its guests.

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