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Bookboost CRM & Hotel Marketing

How can Bookboost transform your hotel marketing?

Today’s hotel marketing is more than just having a well-functioning website and keeping an updated account on social media.

The way we do hotel marketing has changed, and now we look into automation, segmentation, a multi-channel approach, optimisation of workflows and more.

So, let’s take a look at what you can do with Bookboost Multi-channel CRM to boost your hotel marketing effectiveness:

Hotel Marketing Segmentation: Build specific audiences

As you already know, the “one message fits all” approach is long dead. Guests are expecting tailored content and messages that fit their needs and deliver value. The only way to do this is by using your guest data and segmenting your guests.

Bookboost hospitality CRM helps you to easily create audiences based on your guests' preferences, demographics, past purchases, and more.

For example, you can identify the following audiences:

High spenders
Family stays
Returning guests
Business guests
And many more

Marketing automation: Workflows that save time and effort

If there is something that drains the energy of each person working in hotel marketing is the amount of manual tasks they need to deal with.

From answering messages to manually sending booking confirmations, instructions on how to get to the airport, invoices, and more.

Bookboost Multi-Channel CRM helps you to get rid of all those manual tasks by turning them into automated workflows. You can set up triggers to automate the sending of booking confirmations, newsletter subscription confirmations, instructions to the hotel, and more.

In other words, every message that fits into your guest journey can be automated, so your journeys run without your constant intervention and supervision.

What a life-saving feature, uh?

Hotel Email marketing? More than that!

Although email marketing for hotels was a big thing many years ago, now the situation has changed. Why? Because travellers are more digital than ever! And many of them prefer instant messaging instead of email.

However, this doesn’t mean hotel email marketing is dead. You can still find people who prefer to receive all the valuable information in their email inbox. The point is: you need to have options.

A multi-channel approach can help you boost your conversions by 9 times. Instead of sending just emails, allow your guests to choose to receive WhatsApp and SMS, giving them the power to choose and personalise their experience.

Benefits of WhatsApp messaging in your guest journey? Several. Starting for faster communication, higher open rate and engagement rate.

A visual guest journey for easier operations

Legacy CRMs are complicated and don’t offer many options for personalisation. We know it and we wanted it to make it different. With Bookboost CRM, you can build an unlimited number of guest journeys just in the way you want it.

If you want to send four messages before check-in, you can do it. No messages before check-in? You can also do that. The platform is easy to use and understand, with a visual guest journey that gives you total control over what is sent and scheduled and on which channel.

Do you want to know a bit more? Watch this short video where we show you how it works.

Data, data and more data to increase revenue

If your guest data is your most valuable asset, why aren’t you using it to increase revenue in your property?

Once your data is organised and structured, you can easily use it to retarget users through paid ads platforms, reengage with email marketing campaigns, and more.

Bookboost CRM helps you to gather, clean, organise and structure your hospitality data to be able to act upon it and build more revenue. Our CRM connects to all these platforms so you can easily use your guest data to reengage.

Are you ready to boost your marketing operations and revenue?

What results can you expect in your hotel?

Hours of valuable time saved in low adding value tasks
Increased guest engagement
Higher guest loyalty
Higher guest satisfaction
A better guest experience
More and better reviews
A highly motivated team free of repetitive work


Learn more about Bookboost CRM and its advantages.

What are the main features of Bookboost Multi-channel CRM?

∙Multi-Channel Communication: Reach guests where they are – across various channels.
∙Two-Way Communication: Foster meaningful interactions with seamless two-way engagement.
∙Personalisation Tokens: Craft messages that resonate on a personal level.
∙Audience Creation: Identify and segment your guests based on the criteria you need.
∙Visual Guest Journey: Map out the entire guest journey for a holistic perspective.
∙Effortless Messaging: Build messages with ease and save templates for consistency.
∙Automation Triggers: Save time and effort in your marketing operations.
∙Central Guest Profiles: Access comprehensive guest profiles for tailored interactions.
∙Insightful Database: Leverage valuable insights from your guest data.
∙Efficient Workflows: Manage properties effortlessly, even with limited time.

Does the Multi-Channel CRM require a PMS integration?

Yes, our Multi-Channel CRM is designed to integrate seamlessly with more than +80 PMS in the market. However, it can also work on a report-based function if your PMS can export reservation data.

How does a Multi-Channel CRM benefit my hotel?

Multi-Channel CRM enhances guest satisfaction through data-driven insights, personalized communication, and streamlined processes. It leads to higher conversions, increased efficiency, improved customer retention, and ultimately, elevated guest experiences.

Will this CRM help increase conversions and revenue?

Absolutely. The multi-channel approach has been shown to increase conversions by up to 8x, thanks to targeted communications, automation triggers, a deeper understanding of guest preferences and the use of Whatsapp, SMS and other channels.

How does the Multi-Channel CRM facilitate advanced targeting and segmentation?

The Multi-Channel CRM empowers you to tailor your communications with laser precision. You can segment your guest database based on various criteria such as booking history, preferences, demographics, and more. This enables you to create highly targeted campaigns that resonate deeply with each segment, resulting in increased engagement and conversions.

Can this solution handle multiple properties efficiently?

Yes, our system features effective workflows to manage multiple properties effortlessly and save time. You can customise the guest journeys for each property, duplicate templates and reuse campaigns across properties. This is particularly useful for large hotel chains or those managing several properties simultaneously.

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