The perfect cross-selling tool!

Reach the right guest at the right time.

Bookboost's Proactive Direct Messaging helps you to precisely target the guests that you want to reach and find business opportunities that you could not think of today!

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For Marketing

Soft Cross-selling & Increase Revenue at Scale

The Proactive Direct Messaging has opened a new door for hotels to cross-sell softly.

The best thing is that it enables you to micro-segment guests and proactively send targeted SMS to guests at the right moment. By integrating with the hotel PMS, personalized SMS will be sent to transform the hard selling to soft caring. When guests feel that their needs are catered, they are more willing to buy.

Successful cases have proven that it can effectively sell ancillary products with a high conversion rate and significantly boost revenue for hotels.


Open Rate

Almost guarantee all guests open your message. It's the highest Open Rate among all marketing tools (e.g. email).



The high Click-through-Rate indicates high effectiveness of marketing campaign.


Conversion Rate

One successful sale in every ten SMS sent, this is the magic of Proactive Direct Messaging.

Sell at Scale

Boost Revenue

Bookboost's platform automatically sends out pre-set offers to targeted guests, making it possible to increase revenue at scale.

For Service

More Satisfied Guests

Have you ever thought of that selling does not have to be annoying?

Cross-selling and guest satisfaction can go hand in hand.

The Proactive Direct Messaging enables you to proactively reach out and involve your guests to help them find the products and services they need. In return, you will harvest both higher revenue and more satisfied guests.

More Guest Engagement

Help your guests find what they truly need, even something that they could not think of.

Higher Guest Satisfaction

Extra attention and care to delight your guests, makes them feel heard and understood.

Discover New Business Opportunities

Knowing the small things guests need helps  you to find business opportunities you didn't see before.

More & Better Reviews

Satisfied guests are more willing to give feedback and provide positive reviews.

CRM & Guest Profile Management

Target Guests Precisely

Bookboost also has the CRM function, in which you can segment & target guests, conduct proactive marketing, and harvest successful upsell.

Personalized Communicaiton

When communicating with a guest, you can always see the guest profile on Bookboost's platform so that personalized conversations can be generated to better tap into guest's needs.

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