The New Era
of Guest Relationship Marketing

The potential of good relationships is immense.

Bookboost helps you to build a trusted relationship with guests and discover new business opportunities that you could not think of today!

Proactive Guest Messaging

Guest Messaging for Better Relationships

Bookboost's Proactive Guest Messaging lets you reach guests via multi-communication channels. You can always be service-ready at guests' fingertips, proactively approach guests to exceed their expectations, and conduct sales with high conversions at scale.

More Guest Engagement

Reach out and involve your guests to help them find the products and services they need.

Higher Guest Satisfaction

Extra attention and care to delight your guests, makes them feel heard and understood.

Discover New Business Opportunities

Knowing the small things guests need helps  enable you to find business opportunities you could not see today.

More & Better Reviews

Satisfied guests are more willing to give feedback and provide positive reviews.

CRM & Guest Profiles

Target Guests Precisely

Bookboost also offers the CRM function, in which you can set up guest segments that meet your needs, making the proactive marketing communication more precise and engaging.

Personalized Communicaiton

When communicating with a guest, you can always see the guest profile on Bookboost's platform. In this way, personalized conversations can be generated to increase guest satisfaction.

Omnichannel Proactive Guest Messaging

More Messaging Channels & Usages

Communicating with guests on the channel of their choice enables you to connect with them more closely and efficiently.

While more usage opens up more touch points, you can target different guest segments precisely and build guest relationships at scale.

APIs & Connectivity

Bookboost fits into your environment


We're live with over 200 PMS systems around the world. See if yours is in there.

PMS Integrators


We're constantly extending the lists of messaging channels you can connect, integrating to one single Inbox.

Voice control
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See other hotel technology tools that Bookboost is able to integrate with.

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