Multi-channel CRM

Leverage your guest data to identify how to more effectively serve and communicate and view all relevant guest history.

How CityHub treats each guest as the unique individual they are
College friends Sem Schuurkes and Pieter van Tilburgset a goal of improving the traditional hotel experience in line with the current zeitgeist and technological capabilities. CityHub is one of the most unique and forward-thinking fast growing Hotel groups in the industry. In this video you can get to know their outstanding approach with an absolutely unique experience as the result.

Transactional, guest experience,
cross-selling, and more..

Upgrade your digital marketing by incorporating
messaging apps alongside standard email

Create unique guest experiences scheduling
campaigns to reach guests at the most opportune
time to increase revenue from ancillary products
and services.

Soft cross-selling, revenue
at scale

You can micro-segment guests and proactively
send messages to the right guest at the right

By integrating with the hotel PMS, personalized
SMS transforms hard-selling to soft-caring. And
when guest’s needs are taken care of, they are
more inclined to pay for a unique experience.


8 times higher conversion
than email

Successful cases have proven that ancillary
products can sell at a higher conversion rate
than email and significantly boost revenue for

33% Click
Through Rate

The high CTR indicates
the great effect of
marketing campaigns.

10% Conversion Rate
Open rate

Almost guaranteed to
reach your guests.

Create unique guest
experiences with the next-gen hospitality CRM

Take care of your guests in a personal way throughout the guest
journey. Covering pre-stay, in-stay, and post-stay helps you
create a unique experience for them.

You can proactively reach out and involve your guests via SMS,
to anticipate and satisfy their needs. In return, you‘ll harvest
more satisfied guests and higher revenue.

In a nutshell

More guest engagement

Higher guest satisfaction

New business opportunities

More and better reviews

70+ PMS
External data bases

Built API first

Bookboost integrates with a number of hotel systems, apps and
platforms to ensure you can make the most of your marketing
and communication tools. With these connections you can
access the most relevant data to optimise your guest

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