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  • Online Check-in

Give your guests control over their stay

The world moves fast and your guests want to have a smooth experience as soon as they arrive at your hotel, without having to wait in line and feel stressed out. Online check-in allows them to make the best use of their time.

What are the benefits of a digital check-in for a hotel?

Get rid of queues at the front desk!
Reduce waiting time
Increase guest satisfaction
Reduce the risk of errors
Reduce your staff’s workload
Less manual data entry
Eliminate errors and miscommunication
Get to know your guests before their arrival

Create a fully integrated and personalised guest experience

Streamline your check-in process

Discover the additional benefits of using the Online Check-in add-on for CRM.

Customise the fields in the way you want it

You can ask different information to different types of guests (leisure, business, families, etc.). Ask about their preferences, special requests, means of transportation, among others. Use those details to provide more valuable information to them.

What you can do with this add-on:

  • Different forms for different audiences
  • Online payment integration
  • Fully customisable fields
  • Fully customisable colours and look & feel

Get to know your guests from the first moment

A digital check-in is not only useful to reduce the waiting time. It can also help you to gain insights into their preferences and complete their profiles. In this way, you have a better chance to offer valuable services and increase your upselling opportunities even before they arrive at your accommodation business.

Help your staff to be more efficient

Did you know that hotel staff repeats the same questions to every guest when doing manual check-in? With a digital check-in, they can spend their time where they are most needed, having time to engage with guests in real conversation and focusing on other important tasks.

With this add-on to your CRM, you take your guest experience even further, by allowing your guests to make the best use of their time from the first moment.

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