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Guest Loyalty: 5 ways to use it in 2024 to increase direct bookings

Enrich your CRM collecting the data from OTA bookers

How a hotel CRM can be powered by OTA Data?

Nowadays, Online Travel Agencies have grown considerably and one main concern from hoteliers is how to face this challenge. Losing direct bookings has an impact on the business that goes beyond the commission that OTAs take, it also has to do with the lack of customer data for hotels.

By not having access to your guests’ details, it is very complicated to build a relationship with them and turn them into loyal guests. In addition, personalising the guest experience and providing good customer service is also a challenge since no detail about the guests is known and there is no direct contact with them.

Bookboost Multi-Channel CRM & OTA Data Enrichment

Bookboost hospitality CRM allows you to communicate with your OTA bookers and collect their details to make them part of your own database. Without switching between platforms or involving any other third party, you can prepare special messages to target guests who made a booking via OTAs.

By collecting the data from your OTA bookers, you can build a profile for every guest with real data. This will open up hundreds of opportunities to engage with your guests using the right message and the right channel.

How to use your OTA data in your hospitality CRM?

You can use the collected data to target specific campaigns with a message that resonates with this audience and use all the regular automation triggers and personalisation tokens that Bookboost CRM offers you.

Benefits of enriching guest profiles with data from OTA bookers

Get direct access to your guests
Generate more revenue opportunities
Use real data to create real connections
Increase guest loyalty
Increase direct bookings

It’s all about providing a better customer service

Customers using this feature have identified that it helps them to provide better customer service. After the hotel has entered into direct contact with guests, an open line of communication has been established and this has proven key to handling possible complaints, special requests, questions or cancellations.

The relationship won’t be with the OTA anymore

If you don’t leverage the opportunities inside the guest journey, your guests will forget about your brand. Through the OTA Data Collection, Bookboost’s CRM helps you to create opportunities to communicate with your guests. Once you have the right data, you can add them to guest journeys, offer valuable information and show the best about your brand.

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