How can artificial intelligence increase guest loyalty?

Listen to Daan's advice in The Innovative Hotelier podcast.
Johanna Bernuy
Dec 9, 2022
1 min read
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As times change, talking about artificial intelligence in different industries becomes more and more common. But what about hospitality? 

Though it might sound surprising, it is not the exception. 

Daan De Bruijn, Co-Founder of Bookboost, discussed this topic in the podcast The Innovative Hotelier, giving out valuable insights for hospitality professionals.  

You can know more about the episode here

Or listen to it directly here: 

Indeed, accommodation businesses can also benefit from technology, and not only that but also use it to boost their business results. Through good use of technology, you can not only save costs but also grow revenue, along with many other benefits.

In the episode, Daan talks about how other brands are accomplishing it and what aspects can hoteliers take into consideration when introducing technology into their workflows. 

Download it here!

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