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Bringing the Hotel Industry into the Future!

When faced with a challenge one can either choose to throw in the towel or to see the challenge as an opportunity for growth and positive change. We choose the latter.
Daan de Bruijn
Feb 17, 2021
5 min read
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When faced with a challenge one can either choose to throw in the towel or to see the challenge as an opportunity for growth and positive change. We choose the latter.

Since the start of the pandemic hoteliers worldwide have faced the challenge of making sure that their business survives in a time of nationwide lockdowns in many countries around the world and substantial limitations on travel. One of those hoteliers is the Founder and CEO of Future Hotels, Sotiris Kopatsaris. Despite the current situation in the hotel industry he remains optimistic about the future and has founded Future Hotels, a global alliance of the world’s most innovative hoteliers, technologists and researchers, which Bookboost is grateful to have been chosen to be a part of.

“We are so excited about the launch of Future Hotels and we cannot wait to enable hoteliers around the world to transform their guest experience, cut their costs and boost their direct bookings with the right mix of cutting-edge technology, global marketing opportunities and sales support. We are very proud of our strategic partnership with Bookboost and together we cannot wait to help independent hotels all over the world recover faster and thrive once again.”

Sotiris Kopatsaris, CEO at Future Hotels

Future-focused solutions

Together with Future Hotels, and the other partners that have been chosen for this project, we work on bringing the hotel industry into the future. We do this with the help of our various innovative tech solutions. We believe that this is the way forward towards more efficient operations and, more importantly, an overall better guest experience. Implementing tools for contactless guest interactions can also help create a safer environment for both guests and staff at the hotels, especially now during the pandemic. It can be highly beneficial for hotels, such as Carpe Diem Santorini, to make the switch to using more of these tools to ensure that their guests feel as safe as possible during their stay. Using a solution such as ours and the others included in this partnership will help you get ahead of your competitors and ensure that you create the best guest journey possible.

“At Bookboost we help hoteliers improve the digital guest experience and we create a personalized and targeted messaging first guest journey. With our communication platform, we make it possible for hoteliers to become instantly connected to their guests in all phases of the guest journey from pre-stay to post-stay.”

Anna Randow, Partner at Bookboost

The importance of guest communication

Building a strong relationship with your guests and having clear communication with them is crucial for their satisfaction with the overall experience. People traveling in these times most likely have more questions than ever before and you need to be there ready to answer them. Your policies need to be clearly communicated to your guests to ensure that they are comfortable and feel safe when staying with you. Other than that, you can also use personalized guest communication to communicate special services or for up-selling purposes. An important aspect to keep in mind is the personalization of your messages. Making each guest feel seen and as if you are communicating with them personally, rather than e.g sending a general email, boosts the communication. This way you can both make sure that the information that you need to deliver will reach your guests to a larger extent, as well as make each individual guest feel more valued.

“With an aligned vision to shape and develop successful hotel operations around the globe, we truly believe in our passionate and forward-thinking partnership with Future Hotels.”

Anna Randow, Partner at Bookboost

The Key to increased revenue

Markets have changed unpredictably and hoteliers can’t rely on past travel patterns to forecast demand anymore. Sotiris early on days understood that in addition to great guest service, a RMS considering forward-looking data will become a necessity to capture future revenue opportunities. That was one of the factors that made him interested in Atomize RMS for Carpe Diem. The promise of automated, data-driven rate suggestions and optimization were among Atomize’s features that convinced him.

A partnership for the future

Big hotel chains having a monopoly when it comes to new innovative tech solutions will soon be a thing of the past. Through our partnership with Future Hotels, we aim to provide smaller independent hotels with the same opportunity to bring their business into the future. In the past, many independent hoteliers have been hesitant when it comes to implementing new technology into their hotels. This could be due to factors such as high monthly fees and set-up costs. It also used to take quite a while to get such systems up and running. Nowadays, however, many tools only take a few days or weeks until they are ready to be used. For smaller independent hotels it might not have been worth the investment, considering these factors. Future Hotels is on a mission to change this and to support the move towards an even more tech-driven hotel industry where everyone is included, no matter big or small. They believe that business models need to be adapted to the new realities and for hotels to be able to fully fulfill the needs of their guests. Through this partnership, Future Hotels brings together industry-leading innovators into one platform which can then be utilized by hotels on their journey into the future. The brand also supports hotels and partners in their journey to become climate positive, by planting a thousand trees for every hotel member per year.

Looking ahead

It has been a rocky time for the hotel industry in the past year. Hoteliers have had to be even more creative than usual to ensure the survival of their hotels in an even more competitive market. When faced with something like this it is crucial to remain optimistic and think forward. Take the opportunity to think about what you can do to make sure that your hotel will be a part of the future. There is no use in focusing on what has been. Instead, choose to look ahead and focus on where you are going. It is not about the challenge that we are facing, it is about how we choose to approach it.

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