The integration of Bookboost into the LINDEMANN HOTELS® Group

The integration of Bookboost into the LINDEMANN HOTELS® Group

Last year, the German hotel group LINDEMANN HOTELS® took on the challenge of digitizing its business at its properties in the heart of Berlin. In this story, we meet Jennifer Seeckt, Head of Sales and Customer Relations, and Martin Kochanski, Head of Online Marketing. Both of them explain the key points they chose to make their choice and the benefits they have gained today.

For this digital transition, LINDEMANN HOTELS® has extended the digital check-in and check-out, including the registration form and the digital key, in cooperation with Salto, Apaleo and Aydyen. These solutions allow the hotel group to automate the entire check-in and check-out process as well as the payment option and door opening. As for our Bookboost solution, it is used as a multi-channel CRM.

The origin of the digital transition of internal processes

The goal of the digitalization of LINDEMANN HOTELS® was to attract and support its customers digitally throughout the entire customer journey, from the moment of booking to the stay and beyond. These new digital processes have enabled them to offer a modern customer service while optimizing and facilitating the daily life of hotel staff.

"We considered how we could offer our guests a contemporary hotel experience with streamlined processes. That means no waiting times, no paper forms, no unnecessary steps - such as downloading an app."

The implementation and benefits of our Bookboost solution

"Whether it’s on the website, after the booking has been made or during and after a stay, Bookboost enables us to have control over all incoming and outgoing communication which makes communication more consistent and efficient."

The Bookboost communication platform has definitely changed the way LINDEMANN HOTELS® communicates!

Indeed, for inbound communication, the group, owning several properties, uses the unified inbox to respond instantly to guests’ messages. If they have any special needs or questions, guests can reach the hotel and be helped quickly. The perceived benefit to LINDEMANN HOTELS® is to provide an excellent level of communication service and to be there for the guest at any time. Regarding outbound communication, thanks to our solution, a personalized and segmented email is automatically sent to their guests at the time of their reservation confirmation. A few days before their stay, they are also reminded to register online or to fill out the digital registration form. The different messages sent are sent at the most convenient times and through different channels, depending on the guests’ preference.

"The engagement rate is much higher since using the Bookboost solution."

In addition to a higher engagement rate, LINDEMANN HOTELS® provides a consistent digital experience for hotel guests which takes the burden off the front desk that is often under the load of a large amount of work.

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