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Use your website to turn visitors into customers

Use the Web Messenger to engage with possible customers in real-time

Buyers don’t want to be kept waiting. Live chat helps you provide real-time responses so you meet customer expectations, while also speeding up your sales cycle. Improve your customer experience and turn visitors into customers fast with efficient live chat software.

Outstanding service 24/7

Our Web Messenger and chatbot is included in the Unified Inbox. In this way, your website becomes one more channel that you can manage from the Bookboost platform along with all the others, helping you to save more time and effort than ever.

Engage your visitors and drive more direct bookings

Higher engagement on your website

Allow your visitors to ask questions without having to leave your website. From common questions to specific doubts, give them the information they need on the same page.

More direct bookings

Did you know that 80% of guests check hotel websites before booking on OTAs? The Web Messenger will engage your website visitors and drive more direct bookings.

Quick replies to free your staff

Create quick replies that will tackle the most repetitive questions from your customers. In this way you don’t only free your staff but create a smooth experience for your web visitors.

Customer Stories

How to Save up to 2 hours of Daily Tasks Using Automation

Northern Lights Village optimised its communications, not only saving time for its staff but also making its campaigns more effective.

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Unlock the potential of your hospitality business with Bookboost.