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Grand Hotel Lund automated 92% of their repetitive questions

Grand Hotel Lund

Located in the south of Sweden, Grand Hotel Lund is a place where history meets luxury. The hotel mixes a warm atmosphere with a rich heritage that goes back a hundred years. 

This luxury business hotel offers guests a complete, comfortable, outstanding experience, filled with amenities and services that meet the needs of both business and leisure guests. 

The challenge: 

The team at Grand Hotel Lund knew that guest expectations were changing and if they wanted to stay ahead of the competition, they needed to match those and provide a seamless experience even before a booking was made.

That’s why they decided to partner with Bookboost with the goal of increasing their direct bookings and providing a more digital and instant experience to their guests.

The results: 

After the hotel implemented the Bookboost platform, they could see how the repetitive inquiries were being handled in less time, leading the team to be more efficient and guests to be more satisfied thanks to quick and accurate information being sent in seconds.

At the same time, direct bookings started to increase thanks to the seamless and accurate digital experience guests were receiving. “Bookboost has handled 92% of repetitive inquiries for us. Now we can focus on increasing direct bookings and cross-sell”, said Oskar Petterson, Director of Sales & Revenue. 

Instead of running and putting out fires constantly, the team is now able to focus on what really matters: how to continue improving the guest experience.

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