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How Tylösand communicates with guests before, during and after the stay

Hotel Tylösand

Hotel Tylösand is a world-famous beach resort located in Sweden. The hotel has been in the market for over 100 years, delivering outstanding experiences for each guest. 

With over 225 rooms, Tylösand offers beautifully designed spaces together with world-class art in every corner. In addition, inspiring meeting points, a spa, impressive conference rooms and a restaurant, turn the hotel into a paradise for each summer.

The challenge: Improve guest communications and direct bookings 

The booking department at Hotel Tylösand was under great pressure to deliver great results, and they knew that a new solution was needed to accomplish those goals. That’s how they found Bookboost. 

“Today is not a question of whether we should have a guest messaging tool or not. It is expected”, said Henrik Ekström, CIO at Hotel Tylösand. 

By implementing the Bookboost platform, they were able to take their guest communications to another level, providing the right answer to every question guests arise. 

For the first time, the team was able to measure their response time, which was key in order to set KPIs and track their performance. With Bookboost, they were able to bring it down significantly in order to provide a better guest experience for all their website visitors. Along with that, the team managed to increase guest satisfaction in 12% and to reach 4% more direct bookings.

In addition, the way the platform has been built and how easy it is to use it has helped different people to be involved with it. Not just the receptionist but the night staff can monitor all the communication channels and save time and effort. 

“Bookboost has helped us to keep the relationship with the guests, before the stay, during and also after their stay. And relationships are the most important thing. We know our guests are happy”, said Henrik. 

Hear it by yourself! Henrik Ekström, CIO at Hotel Tylösand, talks about their experience with Bookboost.

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