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“With Bookboost, we have seen a significant improvement in guest satisfaction.”

Jorplace Beach Hostel

The Cool Kid on The Block

Jorplace Beach Hostel welcomes guests to a trendy design concept that emphasizes a vibrant and youthful lifestyle. Only steps away from the beach and buzzing nightlife of Scheveningen, it offers a variety of excitement.

Concept Beach Hostel

Only 250m away from the beach and other attractions.

25 Rooms, 170 Beds

From the private stylish chalet to 8-bed dorms full of life.

Bar & Restaurant

BBQ sessions and an all-day open bar to mingle & have fun.

Longboard Rental

Getting into the surfer's mood, going around town on a trendy longboard.

Jorplace Beach Hostel in the Netherlands had encountered challenges of insufficient guest communication that were harming the guest experience. The hostel was looking for a more efficient communication solution to smooth the guest journey and increase guest satisfaction.

The Challenges

Looking for a More Satisfying Guest Journey

Sitting in the top location of the Netherlands’ most popular beach town, Jorplace Beach Hostel welcomes streams of guests every day. However, the historical building that the hostel is located in has created challenges for Maika Kloos, Operations Manager at Jorplace Beach Hostel, as they do not have much space to manage check-out, cleaning, and check-in seamlessly within a short period of time.To ease the operational problem, the hostel had to set the check-in time starting from 4 pm. However, this had made some new arrivals surprised as it deviated from what most know, 12 at noon.To address this problem, Maika had tried to communicate the late check-in time via various channels, particularly by emphasizing it on the website and in the booking confirmation email. However, unwanted surprises still kept happening. Some guests experienced inconveniences when finally arriving on-site, while others did not know where to go before check-in. Maika had received related complaints repeatedly, and she was eager to look for a perfect communication solution to increase guest satisfaction.

Needing a New Communication Solution

For Maika, managing a lively hostel can be quite busy as she and her colleagues need to meet guests from place to place while trying to solve issues on the go.Within this fast-paced environment, service communicated only by email and telephone does not fully meet their needs. Traditional hotel communication tools create thresholds and barriers for guests to reach out,   especially for small things. Moreover, they are not convenient for the busy hotel staff to use, thus harming working efficiency and further guest satisfaction.In the end, Maika and her team were longing for a communication tool that is effective, easy-to-use, and can help to effectively improve guest satisfaction along the guest journey.

How Bookboost Helped

Bookboost’s relationship-centric approach went a great length beyond informing guests about check-in information in a personal tone. After being in touch with Bookboost, Maika decided to utilize the Proactive Guest Messaging Tool to make her guests felt taken care of during the guest journey.For example, in the situation where the arriving guest is excited to hit the streets and beaches, Jorplace provides a personalized local guide in an interactive map via Bookboost’s Proactive Guest Messaging Tool. In that way, Jorplace not only fulfills guests’ latent needs – figuring out what to do – but also successfully creates a sense of care, which in return establishes trust. Previously, these guests were left in the lobby waiting for check-in.This small but valuable change has led to a significant increase in guest satisfaction for the hostel. Jorplace’s conversion rate of review requests has been improved notably from 1.2% to 8%, as guests are more willing to read and react to messages sent by Bookboost. As a result, its average review score has remarkably raised over 11% in only two months!


Opening Rate

Almost guaranteed reach of guests


Engagement Rate

Of in-stay guests using messaging channels for service


Conversion Rate

Of using Messaging to promote personalized offers


Review Score

In only two months!

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