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Superbude Hotels Found a Unique Approach within Hospitality

Superbude Hotels

Boutique hotels in Hamburg, Germany and Vienna, Austria

89 rooms in Hamburg St. Pauli, 74 rooms Hamburg in St. Georg and 178 rooms. The brand's PMS is Mews.

Treasures of the city

In St. Pauli and St. Georg in Hamburg and in Vienna, Superbude invites you to experience the real deal, live like a local and explore the true authentic city life.

Superbude loves music

Concerts, DJ sets and lobby playlists, Superbude moves with the tunes.

The culture zone

Superbude are experts on how one can enjoy themselves in Hamburg and Vienna. Ask them about food, sports, culture, nature or shopping and you will never have a dull moment on your trip.

"At Superbude we found a new way approaching hospitality where our guests are the absolute center point of attention. I'll tell you more in the video below"

Jörn Hoppe, General Manager at Superbude

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