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Guest Journey Template: What to send, When & How

Download a template of a guest journey, get ideas on valuable touchpoints and adapt it to your brand.
Johanna Bernuy
Aug 28, 2023
3 min read
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Guest journeys are not a one-message-fits-all type of solution. In fact, it has a lot to do with your brand, your goals and who are your guests.

A luxury hotel doesn't target the same people as an aparthotel or a resort. The brand is different and guests stay in those properties for different reasons. 

Therefore, the way they communicate must also be different.

When building a guest journey, there are different touch points you can include, and all of them need to be aligned to your brand's purpose and, especially, all of them must deliver value.

Despite every brand having personalised communications, we can identify common messages and touch points that are useful to engage with guests beyond a booking confirmation. That is why we've put together this guest journey template, to show you some examples of valuable touch points that can be added to your communications, considering the different stages of the guest journey.

Take this as an example, and remember to always think twice whether it adds value to your guests or not.

Find out guest journey template here! 
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