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Hospitality Influencers: Revfine Interview with Daan De Bruijn

Read the interview with Daan by Revfine.
Johanna Bernuy
Nov 3, 2023
1 min read
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The "Hospitality Influencers" series by Revfine, an informative platform for those in the travel and hospitality industry, recently featured Daan De Brujin, one of our founders.

This series reveals the dynamic future of the hospitality sector through lively discussions with industry leaders. From personal experiences to deep insights on the industry, they help audiences understand both challenges and prospects in hotel business. 

The original interview can be found on Revfine, and here are some takeaways from the interview.

About Daan

Daan is the Co-Founder of Bookboost and has a background in hospitality. During his studies, he worked as a receptionist, serving guests from all over the world. He enjoyed talking with guests and making them feel at home. 

However, he soon realized that the receptionist's job was so complicated, with repetitive and time-consuming tasks, leaving little time for him to interact with guests. This inspired him to co-found Bookboost with a friend, aiming to make the operations easier and help hotels better connect with their guests.

About the challenges for Bookboost

One of the biggest challenges for hoteliers today is choosing the right technologies to work with. Moreover, Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have become dominant in recent years, and many hotels are seeking to rely less on them. Bookboost addresses this challenge by assisting accommodation brands in collecting, structuring, and utilizing real-time customer data to personalize guest experiences. This, in turn, allows hotels to build personal relationships with guests and encourage direct bookings through their own websites.

Daan emphasized that one question hoteliers should ask themselves is, "How do I make my hotel stand out?" instead of "How do I make it work?" Technology, if used properly, is definitely the game-changer. By leveraging guest data, hoteliers are able to gain valuable insights to better understand their guests, and create a tailored guest journey that aligns with their needs.

The interview provides insights into the story behind the company, the challenges he faced while developing and launching the technology, how to balance the traditional touchpoints of hospitality with technology, the latest trends in the hospitality industry and more. 

Interested in reading more? You can find the full interview on Revfine.

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