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Keeping your Hotel Open with Guest Communication: Templates for Covid-19

Daan de Bruijn
Apr 8, 2020
4 min read
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We’ve spoken to our hoteliers and they’ve given us some reasons why guest communications is essential right now, and how they’ve used their Guest Messaging platform to make that difference to their staff and guests.

As a result, we are making our Web Messenger and Unified Inbox available for free, see details below.

Website – always on

Your website is available 24/7, meaning you are open for business and bookings for anytime of day/night. Booking engines have passed the reservation from back-office staff to being processed by technology.

So why have a website open all the time, without offering guest service and communications all the time!

Hotels using Web Messenger on their websites are available for website visitors and potential guests at any time.

By setting up pre-set answers and activating an automated Chatbot tree your website can answer visitor questions anytime. This means your visitors get the information when they want it, while reducing the time spent by staff answering frequently asked questions.

Covid-19 updates

The world is watching what is happening with Covid-19, and those with bookings will want to know the status of restrictions in your location, details about cancellations, booking postponement or your refund policy.

With Web Messenger on your site, you can keep all visitors and guests informed through notification and automated replies about the current status of Covid-19 and the impact on your local area and the hotel.

Guest communications

With social distancing a priority in the meantime, you may still have guests in your property hiding out until they can return home. Perhaps you have some long-term residents.

Digital communications is the one way the world is keeping in contact during this period – while maintaining a safe distance, and with our Unified Inbox guests can keep in contact with your team, whether they are onsite or not, to get the information or services they need.

You may receive questions from Facebook messenger or other messaging apps, with Bookboost’s Unified Inbox you can respond and keep your guests informed. You can also help with upcoming reservations or handle cancellations.  

COVID-19: Messages to help keep your web visitors and guests informed

We have pulled some questions and preset answers to help you answer essential questions to website visitors or respond to direct messages from guests enquiring about their bookings or the impact of Covid-19 on your hotel.

Covid-19 template statements:

What about existing bookings at [HOTEL]?

Bookings in the period until [31.05.2020/Date]

All cancellations are free of charge and those affected will be or have been informed and, if necessary, rebooked to the [HOTEL]

Bookings in the period [01. – 30.06/Date]

Hoping that we can reopen earlier, we will keep these bookings in the system and reassess the situation in 2-3 weeks. Should it become apparent that we cannot open earlier, the cancellation confirmation will be sent to you in a few weeks.

Bookings for the period from [30.06.2020/Date]

The best way is to book directly on our homepage or via e-mail to [EMAIL] For the beginning of July, for example, the same applies in case of an extension of the closure as for the period until [30.06.2020/Date]. We are looking forward to your support!

Your trip has to take place anyway, what now?

For all bookings during the period of the [HOTEL] closure, which are to be maintained due to a professional purpose, we offer rebooking in our partner hotels at the same conditions. This offer applies to bookings from [1st of May/Date], until then we cannot accommodate you in any hotel.

Furthermore, we would be very grateful if existing, private bookings could be rebooked to a new date in the second half of the year. Please get in touch with us for this. You can reach us at: [EMAIL]

How can we reach you in the meantime?

Due to the fact that all staff are on short-term employment our [HOTEL] will take care of you in the meantime. Who do we best contact in the case of:

Make a booking: On our website or via e-mail to EMAIL

Buy a voucher: EMAIL

Edit a booking in the future: EMAIL

The processing time may take a little while, as we are currently not in operation.

What happens in case of opening earlier or an extension of the closure?

In our newsletter, on this page and the social media channels (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) we will inform you about possible changes. Just follow our pages and be the first to know when we finally open again!

Your question was not answered?

Please write us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible. EMAIL

Free Web Messenger and Unified Inbox

Use our tools for free until 30th June 2020 to see you through the tough times and keep your guests informed. Good experiences will be remembered.


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