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Personalization is Now a Popular Word in the Travel Industry

But the question remains, how to distinguish your hotel from the others?
Daan de Bruijn
Nov 7, 2019
3 min read
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Personalization is now a popular word in the travel industry. At the recent major tourism event, WTM London 2019, various panels, speeches, and podcasts focus on discussing personalization and experience. For example, Radisson introduced the “virtual host”, a chatbot called Edward to personalize their guest’s stay experience.

Previously, more is better; But now, consumer engagement and authentic experiences are the focus.

Meanwhile, PWC recently published The Hospitality & Leisure Trends 2019 Report after interviewing 51 CEOs from the hospitality and leisure sector. The report concludes:

“Guests choose hotel brands that are most closely matched their personalities and inclinations, and hotels now must find ways to make themselves distinctive for guests.”

But the question remains, how to distinguish your hotel from the others?

The Report suggests that hotels should provide a highly personalized experience that anticipates and goes beyond guest needs.

After talking with a variety of hoteliers, from general managers of hotel chains to front office manager at modern hostels. Bookboost confirms this consumption trend.

Facing this industrial transition towards personalization, Bookboost has 3 tips for hoteliers to create a more individualized and better guest experience:

1. Micro-segment your guests

Segmentation lays the foundation of personalization and unique experience. In the old days, Front Desk managers checked the logbook every day and tried their best to memorize the information of every guest. Now, it’s time to throw away the logbook and let technology help you.

Nowadays, new Guest Messaging technology connects with the hotel property management system (PMS) seamlessly to extract data of guests, from name, language, number of guests, check-in/check-out time, to more sophisticated details such as preferences and anniversaries.

By getting to know more about your guests before communicating with them, you can feel confident to create a personalized experience for guests.

2. Tailor your communication messages for targeted guests

On the basis of micro-segmentation, you can decide which guest to target and what messages to be sent. This convenience creates great potential for guest communication and your business.

For example, if a lovely couple is celebrating their anniversary at your hotel, they would feel good if you provide a special set-up in the room. However, they will feel great if you can anticipate their needs and send them personalized messages offering the opportunity for a relaxing couple spa and a romantic dinner at your popular restaurant. By utilizing Guest Messaging tools, you can easily fulfill guest needs and create an enjoyable experience for them, while increasing hotel revenue through cross-selling.

3. Personalize guest interaction targeting different stages of the guest journey.

Personalized experience also can be created targeting every stage of the guest journey. You can utilize Guest Messaging to satisfy your guests and smoothen their experiences during the whole journey, covering pre-stay, in-stay, and post-stay.

Here’s an example:

1. [Pre-stay] Welcoming SMS to confirm check-in info while providing the breakfast option.

2. [In-stay] Take care of guests by anticipating their needs and offer related services.

3. [Post-stay] Kindly say goodbye and ask for a review.

Personalization is the present and the future. If you don’t want to lose the battle, get help from Guest Messaging technology, with which you directly connect with guests and efficiently elevate their experience.

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