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Guest Journey Checklist - Everything a hotelier needs to make guests happy

Download this checklist and discover how to create a guest journey that will make your guests happy.
Johanna Bernuy
Nov 28, 2022
1 min read
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If you want to increase direct bookings, boost guest satisfaction or create a pleasant guest experience, you need to connect with your guests. And the best way to do it is through a customised and well-planned guest journey. 

Why? Because in this way, you make sure your guests will know your brand, have an effortless experience and feel taken care of. With a guest journey, your guests will receive the right information and have the right tools to have a great experience. 

But how to know if your guest journey has what it takes to be successful and engage your guests? With the Guest Journey Checklist.

Why a guest journey checklist?

In this checklist, you will find more than 40 points that you need to take into account to build a great guest journey and hence, an excellent guest experience. 

Every point has a level of impact and status that will allow you to determine the priority. In the end, you will obtain a guest journey score that will tell you how close or far you are from the goal.

How to use the checklist? 

  1. Download the file.
  2. Fill in the status for every task (good, can be improved, bad)
  3. Review what level of priority is assigned to the task. 
  4. You can also mark as “done” the ones that you have already taken care of.
Download your guest journey checklist here
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