Bookboost at the heart of The Northern Lights Village

Bookboost at the heart of The Northern Lights Village

Northern Lights Village offers a multitude of unique accommodations, activities and experiences in Lapland. Their glass-roofed Aurora cabins and magical suites offer a unique experience and can be booked as part of packages that include all kinds of unforgettable cultural and sporting activities designed for adventurers of all ages. The unique Finnish accommodation and activities brand combines modern hotel technology with timeless nature to create remarkable guest experiences.

Bookboost’s guest messaging solution is an integration with our partner platform MEWS which offers a property management system designed to simplify and automate all operations for modern hoteliers and their guests. We provide multi-channel website chat and automated messaging. We connect the property management system to Northern Lights Village’s social media platforms and other communication channels, helping to manage CRM and marketing campaigns to make them more effective.

As a result of using our guest messaging solution integration, the Finnish brand has saved up to 2 hours of daily tasks by automating repetitive guest communication tasks.

"What really matters to me is what the team thinks of PMS. Mews is not only a tool they feel they have to use, but a tool they like to use to make their daily tasks easier"
André Henke Marques
General Manager, Northern Lights Village

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